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My Own Two Cents


Of course, I just voted in California, so I have zero confidence my vote meant anything. The socialist that run this state do whatever their black hearts wants to do, but it is still one of the last vestiges of freedom left in this state. Yes, I am very angry at our state, and the way the socialist has taken over.

No, we can’t move. One, we don’t have the money. Two, we have several “anchors” in this area. So, unless God does a miracle so we can get out of here, we will stay and lift our voices for freedom.

When my wife and I arrived at the polling place, we were greeted with this sign on the door.

Isn’t that “deliberate democrat/socialist invited foreign interference in our elections”? To be here legally, even as a foreign resident, you MUST be able to demonstrate a high school level working knowledge of the English language. Therefore, there is no reason to have ballots, or signage in any language other than ENGLISH.

Well, I asked that of my wife, while we were standing in line. She immediately shushed me because she didn’t want to watch me being pummeled by angry leftist who hate it when you point out their hypocrisy. Freedom of speech stops when you have anything to say that the leftist doesn’t like.

Well, I voted.

Jerry Broussard

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  1. Jack Miller said:

    Sad State of affairs. Nothing Personal, but it may be a good thing for CA to secede from the Union?

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