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Reported by Charlie Butts ( | Thursday, December 27, 2018

John KasichOhio legislators attempted but failed to pass a pro-life bill that died due to a veto. As he promised to do, Gov. John Kasich delivered a veto of the Heartbeat Bill, which would make illegal an abortion if the abortionist detects a heartbeat.

Yet the pro-life state legislature attempted an override: the state House on Thursday voted 60-28 to successfully override the veto, and a vote in the Senate followed hours later and failed by one vote.

Kasich is term-limited and the governor-elect, Mike DeWine, has said he will sign the bill if it passes again. 

Barry Sheets, a spokesman for the Right to Life Coalition of Ohio, says the bill has been described as anti-abortion legislation but insists that’s not true.

“It would actually save babies,” he says. “They could not abort once a fetal heartbeat is detected, and we believe that that is a very strong line to draw for the first evidences of life.”

Kasich vetoed the legislation after claiming it would fail to stand up to a court challenge, but Sheets says the president of the state senate, who is an attorney, and other attorneys stated during floor debate that the bill would withstand constitutional scrutiny.

Janet Porter of Faith 2 Action tells OneNewsNow that pro-lifers will fight next year with DeWine as governor.

“Who will sign the Heartbeat Bill into law,” she predicts, “rather than heartlessly veto it like Gov. John Kasich did not just once but twice.”

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated after the Ohio senate voted on overriding the Heartbeat Bill. 

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