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waving flagMonday, October 10, 2016

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Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz CEO Cecile Richards Doubles Salary to Almost $1 Million
According to Planned Parenthood’s IRS Form 990, president Cecile Richards pocketed a whopping $957,952 in annual take-home pay in fiscal year 2014.

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Amazing New Research Shows Unborn Baby’s Heart Begins to Beat at 16 Days
When it comes to the direction of the Supreme Court on the issue of abortion there is probably no more important issue for pro-life voters this election.

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Pro-Life Group Lists 37 Companies That Fund Planned Parenthood
Just days before Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary, a conservative corporate watchdog has released an updated list of companies that fund America’s largest abortion provider.

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Family of Pregnant 14-Year-Old Beat Her to Cause Abortion, Burned Her Stillborn Baby on Their Grill
As Frodo and Sam gazed at the great gates of Mordor in “The Lord of the Rings”trilogy, readers (and viewers watching the movies) could feel their fear and trepidation.

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New Planned Parenthood Abortionist Says Doing Abortions is “Meaningful Work”
The Lincoln Journal Star highlighted Nebraska’s newest abortion practitioner in an article this week.

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Husband Killed His Wife, Hung Her From Ceiling Fan After She Refused His Demand to Have Abortion
Another case linking domestic violence to abortion is being reported in India this week.

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Girl Baby Saved From Sex-Selection Abortion in China, Grandparents Wanted a Boy Instead
An estimated 200 million women will not be celebrating International Day of the Girl Child today, because they are not alive.

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Heartbreaking Display of 100,000 Pink and Blue Flags Represents Babies Killed in Abortions
Exactly 100,000 tiny flags flew Saturday on a field in Canada, each representing an unborn baby’s life lost to abortion.

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Marie Stopes Resumes Abortions Despite Report Showing It Putting Women’s Health at Risk

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