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waving flagMonday, February 29, 2016

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Planned Parenthood Closes Abortion Clinic That Had Been Killing Unborn Babies for 35 Years
Pro-life advocates in Augusta, Georgia have been praying that the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in their city would close for more than three decades. Last week, they said their prayers were answered.

Hobby Lobby Founder David Green Endorses Marco Rubio: He is Prepared to be President
The company Hobby Lobby is synonymous with pro-life values. It’s case to stop the pro-abortion mandate in Obamacare ultimatly reached the Supreme Court after the company refused to be forced to pay for abortion-causing drugs for its employees.

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Ted Cruz: “Nominating Donald Trump Will End Up Electing Hillary Clinton”
With Super Tuesday tomorrow, the battle line within the republican Party have been drawn between the #AlwaysTrump and #NeverTrump voters. Ted Cruz, in a new interview, is echoing some of the concerns of the pro-life Republican voters who are reading the latest polling data and seeing that a Trump nomination would more likely yield a President Hillary Clinton than nominating either pr-life Senator Marco Rubio or Cruz.

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21-Week-Old Unborn Baby Survives Botched Abortion, Hospital Won’t Confirm if Baby Lived or Died
 Evidence that a baby may have survived a botched abortion on Friday in Phoenix, Arizona has pro-lifers praying and asking for answers.

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The Amazing Story of Two Sets of Twins Saved From Abortions
 In November 2014, Milena* arrived at the hospital in Štip, Macedonia, seeking an abortion. She was 40 years old, married with two children, and now, pregnant with t wins. She was afraid, unable to see how she could care for two more children at her age.

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Marco Rubio’s Amazing Pro-Life Moment With a Teen With Down Syndrome
 Andra Oyler was afraid that her son Drew would be disappointed when they attended a Houston, Texas rally for Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio last week.

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West Virginia Legislature Passes Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb
 The West Virginia legislature gave final approval today to a bill to ban the dismemberment abortion method that tears unborn babies limb from limb. The West Virginia Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act, SB 10, successfully made it through the state legislature and now it heads to the governor.

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Two Women in U.S. With the Zika Virus Had Abortions, They Didn’t Want a Potentially Disabled Baby
At least two unborn babies in the U.S. have been aborted because their mothers were infected with the Zika virus and concerned about possible birth defects, according to the Centers for Disease Control on Friday.

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Ted Cruz: Is Donald Trump Hiding Planned Parenthood Donations in His Unreleased Tax Returns?

Pro-Lifers Caught Pro-Aborts Vandalizing Their Posters, The College’s Response Was Ridiculous

Black Pastors Protest Planned Parenthood: “It Undermines the Morals of Our Community”

Ted Cruz Creates Religious Liberty Advisory Committee to Help Protect Pro-Life Conscience Rights

Memorial Remembers Woman Who Was Drowned and Burned After She Refused an Abortion

Democrat Says: Supreme Court Needs a Real African-American, Clarence Thomas Doesn’t Count

Justina Pelletier’s Family Sues Massachusetts Government for Abducting Their Daughter

40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign Saves 196 Babies From Abortion, So Far

Newspaper Calls Bill to Ban the Sale of Aborted Baby Parts “Anti-Science”

Mother Invents Special Eyeglasses Just for People With Down Syndrome

Utah Legislator Files Bill to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limbount

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