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Reported by Tricia CunninghamSunday, December 6, 2015

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It seems as the growing terror attacks on our soil and abroad are taking a toll on the liberal left and President Obama’s war on guns.
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During a news briefing at the White House on Friday, President Barack Obama’s mouthpiece, press secretary Josh Earnest, doubled down on calls for stricter gun-control laws, despite knowing by then that the FBI had begun to investigate the San Bernardino shooting as an act of terrorism.
This rhetoric from Earnest inspired Fox News reporter Peter Doocy to step up to the plate and ask the question on everybody’s mind.

“The president thinks that if there are potentially two terrorists sitting around planning a mass murder, they may call it off because President Obama has put in place common-sense gun laws?” Doocy asked.

But Earnest, well-trained by Obama at concocting phony narratives, quickly fired back, claiming that all four weapons used by the shooters were obtained legally and that a terrorism motive had not yet been confirmed.Partyof Deceit Spin and Lies

However, the likelihood of the shooting having been motivated by terror seemed very high, given that shooter Tashfeen Malik reportedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group as she and her husband opened fire at the Inland Regional Center.

Two of the weapons used by the couple were given to them by someone else, and according to California’s firearms laws, it is “illegal for any person who is not a California licensed firearms dealer (private party) to sell or transfer a firearm to another non-licensed person (private party).” This means that unless the individual who gave them the weapons was a licensed firearms dealer, the couple obtained them illegally.

Obama has been begging Congress for tougher gun control laws during his entire administration. With that being said, the only thing happening is record number of gun sales. This Black Friday produced the highest number of background check in the nation’s history, over 185,000. Barack Obama- criminals don’t abide by the law.



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