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The following article is blunt and may offend some of you. I ask that you read it to the end, and then decide if you disagree with his point.

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To paraphrase Snoop Dogg, “Bruce Jenner isn’t news, he’s a science experiment.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Shame on ESPN to be force feeding the sports watching public with this liberal dogmatic crap, continually hammering in this lie that having a sex change is somehow normal or a courageous act. 

No.  It is a mental disorder.  It even has a name, Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  We don’t champion anorexics or bulimics for being “brave” enough to starve or vomit their way to a thinner body.

There is nothing brave or natural about chopping off parts of your body and taking a plethora of drugs to change your sex.  It’s a psychological disease that needs treatment and therapy and all the people who are cheering for Bruce Jenner’s mutilation of himself are fooling both themselves and this man whose mental disorder has led him down a path of Frankensteinian horror.

Posit for a moment a person who doesn’t like their hands.  For one reason or another doesn’t believe they should have been born with hands.  That they were born with the 2 natural appendages all healthy and whole people are born with.  Do we celebrate when this person runs both of their wrists over a table saw so they can be their “true selves.”  No.  We are appalled and believe that they need help and try to attach their hands back on.  We get them counseling and put them on medication in hopes that they don’t feel like they were born with two feet they don’t need either.

What Bruce Jenner did to himself is no less of a horrific act.

And ESPN goes ahead and gives him the Arthur Ashe Courage Award which apparently celebrates personal mutilation.

In the video that ESPN produced for the award ceremony they coupled Bruce Jenner’s 1976 Olympic Gold Medal in the Decathlon with being cool with being patriotic again.  Then segwayed into how its cool to have your body mutilated if it makes you feel good about yourself.

How Bruce Jenner was always a female trapped in a male body.  How his failed marriages were because he was really a woman.  And how that chopping off his body parts would make him feel better.

This apparently is good enough for ESPN to give him an award on courage.

To most rational thinking people, outside of Hollywood and the liberal media machine this is a sad case of a man being prodded along by people who care more about making money or pushing an agenda than what is actually happening to him.

What Bruce Jenner did to himself is not a brave act.  It is a cry for help.  A cry that was left unanswered by those who should have cared for him the most.

When I hear his kids giving interviews of how proud they are of him and his “courage” to mutilate himself I just wish there was someone there to smack them in the face and wake them from whatever reality tv trance they are in.  To yell at them to stop being reality tv whores and think about something more than ratings and money.

Did ANY of Bruce Jenner’s kids say: “This is messed up, dad you need help?”

Or did they just smile for the camera and say what was the most liberally acceptable thing?

It seems the answer is clear.

But I’m not done with ESPN yet.

Bruce Jenner’s mental disorder is not only being celebrated by ESPN at the ESPY’s (or for that matter for the past few months on a number of their shows) but it also replaced two possible nominees who had REAL COURAGE in facing adversity that was not the result of their own mental breakdowns.

First is Noah Galloway.  Sgt. Galloway was an Iraq War veteran who lost his left arm above the elbove and leg above the knee.  Rather than letting that define his life he fought through the difficult rehab and had the courage to face the adversity that being a double amputee levied against him.  Not only did he compete on dancing with the stars finished in third place.

But dancing is not the only place where he competes in athletics.  He participates in a variety of fitness competitions from regular 5K and 10K races to ones such as Tough Mudders, CrossFit competitions and Spartan events as well as being a personal fitness trainer for others.

Here’s a picture of Noah Galloway.


Not your cup of courage?  Fine.

How about young Lauren Hill, basketball player for Mt. St. Joseph University in Cincinnati Ohio.  Lauren was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer?  Instead of crying herself to sleep every night and checking out early of life, Lauren grabbed the life she had remaining to her and lived it with the poise and grace that belies her 19 years.

She fought the good fight, played her Freshman year of basketball, played through the pain of the cancer that was ravaging her body.  She raised more than $1.5million for pediatric cancer research before her illness claimed her life on April 10th of this year.  Talk about courage, people with more years and experience would have broken down and felt sorry for themselves if given the diagnosis of t terminal brain cancer.  Lauren Hill fought against the dying of the light and made her life, brief though it was, mean something.  Doing that when faced with a bad break is what courage is.  This is the face of courage:

lauren hillNow tell me…what exactly did Bruce Jenner do that was so brave?

Oh right, he cut off his penis.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

I’m not sure what makes me more nauseous, the fact that Bruce Jenner mutilated himself so or the fact that ESPN and the liberal press are trying to force feed me the BS that it is not only an “okay” thing but that is should be celebrated.

I feel sorry for Bruce Jenner that he couldn’t get the help he needed and I feel disgust for all the people, including ESPN, who have profited from this man’s mental disorder.

The whole situation makes me sick and I for one am not going to apologize for not accepting this as a natural act…or courageous one.

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