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I Am a Marine

US Marine Corp, Happy Birthday and Thank You!

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For 238 years they have stood guard, beheld the whites of the eyes of the enemy and surmounted evil.  They are honored to do it.  The few, the proud is not solely a slogan, it is certainty.  For little pay, accolade or fanfare they serve valiantly, protect the vulnerable and garner peace.  On November 10th, Americans get to say thank you.  Thank you to those who exemplify Semper Fidelis, the always faithful, the Marines.

Equipped with a sense of duty, men and women voluntarily enlist; the appeal being a sense of belonging, a cause greater than themselves – the collect, the brotherhood, the Corps.

Depending on their city of origin, recruits arrive at MCRD San Diego or Parris Island.  Upon arrival recruits are stripped of their civil liberties and inalienable rights, quickly appreciating both.  They now exist at the will of their drill instructor.  They learn in the Corps Marines are neither black nor white.  Marines come only in shades of green – light green or dark green.   No sense of entitlement is tolerated, liberties are earned and advancement meritorious.  They must warrant the title Marine and the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.  Only upon the honorable completion of Marine Corps boot camp are these bestowed.

Marines serve the greater good -not your secular humanist’s greater good.  Marines serve the God, Corps and Country.

Serving Country greatly differs from serving the State.

The State mandates.  The State regulates.  The State controls.  The State giveth, the State taketh away.  The State removes God from the vernacular of the people.  The people are soulless masses who parasitically consume precious resources – masses who must be systematically corralled, educated and groomed from cradle to grave.  It is the masses who must feign gratitude at the feet of the polity for what little rights they have.

In deference to totalitarianism, Country embodies national identity, sovereignty, home.  People are not the people, they are individuals, families, businesses, congregations who exert choice, self-determination and will.

Marines fight, die for the Midwestern farmer, the retired schoolteacher, the Hollywood anti-war zealot – not for masses as defined by Marx.

The brotherhood of the Corps motivate each other, invoking the “Lore of the Corps” and the valor of Marines who came generations before.  Stories of the leathernecks, devil dogs, the blood stripe, the bravery of Dan Daly, credited for saying, “Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?”  and one, Chesty Puller, “So they’ve got us surrounded, good!  Now we can fire in any direction, those bastards won’t get away this time!”  (Sorry for the language, but I didn’t think it was appropriate to use asterisks in this instance.)

They carry on and loyally fight despite three hot square meals being sequestered to two, their families denied death benefits and the issuance of girly unisex covers.  The Marine Corps has long survived the fire of despots, the demonization by peacenik progressives and the follies of the apologist presidents.  May they continue to do so for generations to come.

So Happy Birthday Marine Corps.  Thank you.  The nation will sleep well knowing that you are on watch.

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