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Have you noticed that most all Professional Pot Stirrers* (PPS) are self-appointed? I cannot find any record that a group of people got together and had an election. Yet, with some groups, they have multiple “self-appointed” leaders and most of them have titles like Reverend (Jackson, Sharpton, et. all). Others, like unions, have “Bosses”. Some are elected, but only to serve the needs of the union.

Have you also noticed how the “Reverends” focus their efforts on keeping their “group” locked in the past? They refuse to let any of them focus on the now, or future, unless it is through the prism of past wrongs committed against them. Have you also noticed that they all use the same tactics of using anger and emotionalism as the primary motivators? The higher they can raise the “group’s” emotions, the more they maintain control. What would happen if suddenly the “group were to wake up and realize the way they have been manipulated, and see the damage they have suffered (poor remaining poor, their situation never gets better) because they have focused only on what their “leaders” have preached to them?

Have you ever wondered how the PPS* is paid for what they do? Who pays for their expenses as they travel to the next “story”? Who pays for their expenses as they stay there stirring the pot, condemning people who have not been tried in a court and suggesting violent behavior by their “group”?

Have you also noticed that the PPS* never suffers any accountability for their pot stirring when the “accused” is found to be innocent? Have you also noticed that when a PPS* incites a riot, and there is multi-million dollars in damage, they never suffer prosecution? Have you noticed how they never suffer anything? It is as if they are immune from all responsibility for what they do. Not bad for being “self-appointed”.

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