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A Little Confession Time

I hope that none of you suffer with depression. I have since 1995. Yes, this supposed man of faith has suffered greatly with depression. The whys are not important, but the suffering is important. As a result of my NOT handling depression properly, acting like I was some kind of strong man, arrogantly putting on a front of composure and faith. All the time I was suffering, even to the constant thought of death.

I had no one to turn to, no money to seek professional help and those that had the ability to help thought it better to judge me saying things like, “You should already know what to do. You have the answers. Stop felling sorry for yourself.” etc, etc, etc.. To all the people I likewise judged and condemned, I repent and in the Name of Jesus, I pray you forgive me.

Depression is real. Praise God I have help know through the V.A.. I have the right people to talk to, listening ears without judgement, and the medication that is lifting my spirits. God is faithful Who has promised.

For you that are suffering I urge you to get the help available right away. Don’t try to fight this alone. Make sure the people you find will help you without judgement and will keep your conversations confidential. You who are Veterans, the V.A. is a wonderful place to find all sort of help. Get there right away and get the process of registering underway.

To all my Christian friends I repent. God is more than enough. Knowing that is great, but learning how to listen to the Holy Spirit when He tries to tell you what to do, DON’T REFUSE TO OBEY. SWALLOW THAT STUPID PRIDE, HUMBLE YOURSELF AND SUBMIT YOURSELF UNDER HIS MIGHTY HAND.

I really hope this helps. I really do.

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