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You know when your really fed up with the politician rhetoric when candidates like Ron Paul and Herman Cain look real good. We’ve become so starved for someone honest enough to answer a question directly without going of on their own “speaking-points”. Just when you think you’ve found that person (Michelle are you listening), there they go off on their on tangent ignoring the question.

Jesus made a great point when He is quoted as saying in John 3 that men love darkness more than light because the light exposes their corruption and they’d rather die there than ever admit that they were wrong about anything. The problem has become, that they are dragging America in with the while those that are supposed to be the Light allow it to progress. I’m ready to declare a stop to such destruction. Enough is enough.

I suggest the following;

  1. Right or left, anyone who refuses to answer a question directly cannot be allowed to serve in any political office. You’re dishonest now, you’ll always be dishonest.

  2. Let’s vote GOD’S WILL every election from here on. That will require hours of prayer and fasting, making sure we understand what each candidate actually stands for, and has said, weed out all the rhetoric and listen to the Holy Spirit as we get out and vote.

  3. Each of us must be responsible for vetting each candidate. That will require a lot of research, prayer and fasting and a determination

  4. No voting can take place until each of us has prayed through to God’s answers. No excuses accepted.

  5. If at all possible, let’s send people like us to Washington who are NOT politicians but people who will get the job done, expose the corruption and do what is righteous before God.

I’m sure you can add to the list. I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback.

"Thank You" for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your time and input.

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