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Exodus 15:26 ASV “….and he said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of Jehovah thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his eyes, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of the diseases upon thee, which I have put upon the Egyptians: for I am Jehovah that healeth thee.”

That’s the place where God set up rules and procedures; that’s where he started testing them.

God said, “If you listen, listen obediently to how God tells you to live……”

Once you’ve made the decision to LISTEN then OBEY what your told. Obedient listening is one of the laws of success with God.

“IF” implies a choice has to be made. Obedient Listening always starts with a choice of our will to obey (and prosper), or not listen (pay attention) and fail (suffer loss and/or destruction).

No matter where you are in your life you are the sum total of your choices; good, bad and ugly. That includes those choices yo made on how to respond to “unfair” disasters in your life. How we respond is a choice.

We live in a society that tries to make others or circumstances responsible for the results in their lives. In reality, we are the owner of our choices. Want to change the outcomes in your life? Take ownership of your choices .

The Question

Genesis 18:24 MSG

Is anything too hard for God? …… Gen 18:14.

A great and challenging question of our faith. However, is our live reflective of that question? Can any one see our faith by our actions that we have put that kind if feet to our faith?

We live in a time when men find it popular to play the victim, while others rehearse their worries and fears so much that they’ve become drunk with their problems. Look around the church today and open your eyes to see the drunks in the congregation. They are drunk with the situations in their lives. In some cases they actually believe that their problem is bigger than God. Like any other drunk that cannot be reasoned with, their prayer life is dead. (1st Peter 4:7 “be sober minded”; “be clear-minded”). Whenever any if us are so drunk with our circumstances that we cannot hear the still soft voice of God the Holy Spirit, then our prayers are dead because they have no faith in them.

It’s time to sober up and get back to the fight of faith.

Proposed New Taxes

The following was sent to me by a friend of mine, Mr. John Smith (his real name). He is the one who added the comments to this AP article. If you are as outraged as we are about this, than please let as many people as you know to read this, leave their comments and keep sharing this.

Thank You,

Jerry Broussard


Not sure who added the ‘comments’ I took the liberty of brushing a couple of them up…in the interest of civility…and left them in. John Smith

Senator Eyes Collector Cars as Revenue
Source New York Times article Mar.28, 2011
Auto Enthusiasts who dodge taxes are in Schumer’s crosshairs Washington, D.C.  – AP
Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) held a press conference today in the Capitol’s rotunda and stated that he is in the process of drafting a bill that will create a federal tax on all collector, antique, historic, special interest, hot rods and race cars.

“This country is operating at a huge budget deficit,” said Senator Schumer, “thanks to the previous administration’s failure to seek new sources of revenue. (always blame Bush?)   We can no longer continue to just raise the taxes we already have.  We are reaching the point of diminishing returns. We must find new sources of revenue. (Is the idea of cutting spending, instead, of raising taxes, completely outside of the mind-set?)

“There are more than one million collector cars in this country”, said Schumer, “and many of them are unregistered and untaxed.  These vehicles represent sometimes sizable assets which often appreciate from sale to sale.  Much of these capital gains remain untaxed.  It’s about time these collectors—all of whom are rich—begin to pay their fair share.  I’ve never heard of a poor person owning a Corvette, Ferrari, Deusenberg or Cobra.” (Is he unaware of the hundreds of thousands of those who aren’t ‘rich’, but love our cars or bikes)

Citing the results of this year’s automobile auctions in Scottsdale, Arizona as an example,where reported sales were in the tens of millions of dollars,  Schumer said, “We’re not talking about rusty old clunkers, here.  Some of these cars represent the pinnacle of automotive history.  Collectors who buy and sell them often do so privately.  Some transactions are in cash and others include trades.  All of these are under the Internal Revenue Service’s radar.  Well, that will soon end. 

“Each state has different laws and requirements for collector cars.  Those which tax them as personal property often use outdated values.  An owner can pay taxes on a car the state determines is worth $5,000 and then turn around and sell it for $100,000 or more.”
Until now, all of this has been the purview of each state. Schumer’s law will sidestep all state laws by levying a federal tax in addition to anything the individual states do.  This new federal tax will be similar to the present federal tax on gasoline, which is in addition to whatever a state assesses.

Part of the Schumer law includes the IRS opening up a special department to deal with collector cars.  (read..more Federal employees / bureaucrats)  Values will be calculated annually and owners will be required to list all cars they own on their 1040 tax form.  Because not all vehicles are registered, and thus may not be known to the individual states’ motor vehicles departments – especially race cars which are not driven on public roads—the IRS will make use of the existing network of individual collector car enthusiast organizations across the country.

Many of these car clubs maintain accurate registries which detail each car by its vehicle identification number and present or last known owner and their location.  (Which will then…’magically’…disappear, thank you, very much)  Assembling an all-inclusive federal database in conjunction with these registries will be one of the first steps in implementing the new law. (Oh great! Now the taxpayers have to pay the salaries and benefits of another thousand government employees )  Once the database of owners is cross-referenced with an annual index of current collector car values, every collector or race car in the country can be taxed at a fair rate.

Initially, Schumer says, it will be 10% but that would rise depending on the type of car, number produced and condition.  “Collectors are willing to pay more for certain cars,” said Schumer, “because of their history or the small number that were produced.”

These factors increase a vehicle’s worth to buyers, so why should these cars not be taxed at a higher rate?  It’s no different than our current progressive income tax rate.”

It is estimated that an annual 10% tax on all collector cars presently owned by American taxpayers—at their prevailing market value—would be more than $250,000,000.  In four years the coffers of the federal government could be fattened by a billion dollars.  “That’s only a conservative estimate,” said Schumer.

“Nobody knows exactly how many collector cars are out there.  But by this time next year, we will know.  Owners of these cars will finally have to pay up.  Their free ride—on the backs of the poor—is over.”  (What a load of crap!  Does anyone actually buy in to this? Unfreakin’ real)

(Seriously!  Does anyone think this is a good idea on any level?  Anyone?  For those who do; please line up to the left to get your number tattooed on your arm now)


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More Questions with All The Changes in the Story

If you have been following all the reports of Bin Laden’s demise, the more the Obama Administration talks about the incident to more questions they create. To anyone paying attention, it has become obvious that the Obama Administration is not reporting the incident with honesty. Considering the week they had while waiting for the DNA and other confirmation techniques to confirm it really was Bin Laden, you would think they would also work on a consistent story of what happened.

  1. First he went down firing on the Seals and then got shot.
  2. Next he was reaching for his gun, pushed his wife in front of himself and was shot.
  3. Next he did not have a gun, but tried to knife them and was shot.
  4. Next he had no gun nor knife, wife tried to save him getting her shot in the leg and then he got shot.
  5. There was a 40 minute fire fight (but only three people firing weapons?????????????????).
  6. The picture taken while the entire administration was watching the entire attack unfold shows our President catatonic while Secretary Clinton aghast at what she was seeing. Remember, they had a week to get the story together.
  7. Now we’re told that the chopper the Seal Team destroyed is actually NOT destroyed but in the hands of the Pakistanis being dismantled and we already know they use the Chinese to reverse engineer any thing they get their hands on.

If this had been the Bush administration the Left would be screaming “bloody-murder” and wanting people’s heads. I agree, we do need some heads to roll if this was in fact an execution, not a result of a war-like operation on an enemy target. Please understand, I am NOT questioning what the Seals did (and why the Seals and not Marine Recon or the Army Rangers, both having much more experience in such operations). I am questioning why all the daily, and often hourly change of the story.

Once again we have absolute proof the Left cannot be trusted. They have genuine problems with truth, and to make matters worse, they think the American people are so stupid as to not notice. I’ve noticed. What about you?

Experiencing the Trouble

Psalms 129: 1 “They’ve kicked me around ever since I was young”-this is how Israel tells it –2 “They’ve kicked me around ever since I was young, but they never could keep me down.3 Their plowmen plowed long furrows up and down my back;4 Then God ripped the harnesses of the evil plowmen to shreds.”

I do not know of any one testifying to an unbeliever how life with God is filled with such challenges. Who would ever become a believer? However, when the testimony of how God delivers from lives disasters, hope is generated and life with God is desirable.

How many of us face the kind of trial David describes here, where the problem is physical, punishing and undeserved? What kind of faith do we have then? How sympathetic are we to others when they are going through such trials?

Judging other people’s faith is never a correct answer. Being a stretcher bearer is, while remaining a vessel available to God for Him to deliver His grace in that person’s life.

The Real Source

Psalms 121: 1 I look up to the mountains; does my strength come from mountains?2 No, my strength comes from God, who made heaven, and earth, and mountains.

In Ephesians 6 we’re told to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. When that is a personal revelation is when we join David in this joyful expression; My strength is not in mountains or any other source-My strength is in God alone.

The Price of Presumptuous Sin

2 Samuel 4: 5 One day Baanah and Recab, the two sons of Rimmon, headed out for the house of Ish-Bosheth. They arrived at the hottest time of the day, just as he was taking his afternoon nap.6 They entered the house on a ruse, pretending official business. The maid guarding the bedroom had fallen asleep, so Recab and Baanah slipped by her7 and entered the room where Ish-Bosheth was asleep on his bed. They killed him and then cut off his head, carrying it off as a trophy. They traveled all night long, taking the route through the Arabah Valley.

The shear arrogance of a person who is so presumptuous as to nap at a time of war. He knew his best General was dead, knew that God’s favor was with David and he has the audacity to nap with only a maid to guard him.

How are we like him? Where are we so arrogant and presumptuous before God that we’ve left ourselves exposed to our enemy allowing them to do as they please with our lives? Such presumption on God is dangerously foolish and we only have ourselves to blame.

It’s time for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ to evaluate herself, repent and turn from her wicked ways. Then, and only then, can The Church find true revival, be energized by The Power of The Holy Spirit and resume our given orders.

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